Friday, May 2, 2014


In the name of Allah...

I like these kind of guy I met him when I'm in standards 4. That time, I was a new student but on my first day, I already had rumored with him. So, since I enter that class, I never talk to him. Maybe felt awkward or maybe I just hate him? He really make me annoyed with his face. I totally don't like him. Fortunately, when I'm in standards 5 he was not my classmate anymore.

But unlucky to me, when I'm in standards 6, we met again in one classroom. I sat infront of him. He treat me normally like the rumor never happen before but me in other side still act coldly to him. After a few months later, Im slowly forgot the rumored and talk to him normally.

When I'm form 1, we still classmate and now I sat behind him. You know how ridiculous he was? He really make me annoyed with his silly joke. How nice I am, I'm just pretended to laugh but sometimes I just smile
because his jokes were so non-sense ( -_-) But you know, he was really a good friends. Sometimes I can't stop laugh because his foolishness. We had similar interest and we even watched same kdrama like Secret Garden and Heartstring. And start from that, I'm slowly to like him (I found myself like someone who understand me) and to be honest, I had crush on him.

He was not bad afterall. He had a white skin and good looking. What I like the most is his smile. He has a good manner but in the same time he also a bad boy one. I rarely see he laugh out loud but you know, the way he happy were definitely catch your heart. He was so kind toward  peoples (especially to me hehehe ^___^v) but he looks scary when he mad (because he did to me once)

I think I don't have a much time to continued. Later ok ^____<

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