Saturday, April 6, 2013

He don't likes me

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Oh! Finally~ It's rain now after truly summer weather! Praise to Allah. I feel more comfortable and cozy. This is grace! "Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa menampar pipiku, melayangkan rambutku, menyamankan tubuh badanku. Begitu indah dan bahagia sekali kurasakan." Kehkehkeh

Ok, let's start hear my story. It's been along time since I write my entry. I'm so busy with my study. Ok, you can say I'm is a good hardworking student. Hahaha stupid liar! 
5 minutes passed.......
Arghhh I don't know what to tell with you all. But I still want to make one entry today. Ermmm I want to story you about my crush, can't I? Please read below =D

His named is Syafiq. He is cute little boy. I start have crush on him since in form 1 and if not mistaken in Jun. We are classmate. My friends said me and Syafiq can be a fit couple. We have a white skin. We are short. And they said we are cute. Hahahaha they are liar! I feel interest on him because we always discuss about korean drama, Secret Garden and Heartstring. We always have same interest. He likes Yong Hwa, Sungjae and G-Dragon, same with me. We always get fight to scramble them. Such a funny thing. Before, me and Syafiq are good friend. But now, not anymore.

You know what? It's because he gets know about my feeling towards him. My friend told him. He seem likes he don't care at all but the problem is me. I'm so shy with him. How can I act like nothing happen? He said he don't like me. My heart is so hurt. I want to forget him. I want to take away sense of love towards him. I'm try to far away from him but I can't. I can't stop to love him. Many ways I do to forget him. But I'm still can't. It's difficult because we are classmate. I meet him everyday, everytime, everywhere. 

I said to my friends that I don't like him anymore. Ahhh I'm so stupid liar. Because the true is, I'm still love him.