Sunday, December 29, 2013

SBS Gayo Daejun reaction

There is a girl. She too interest with this guy. She just a normal people with a normal life. She is a student like a normal student. Everyday doing homework, study, reading and nothing special about her. But she has a dream. A very big dream. She want to be like this guy that she likes. This guy definitely not like a normal guy. He was so handsome, talented, charisma, popular, have too many fans and perfect from head to toe. She really want to be like him but she thinks that was really impossible.
In the name of Allah.....

Did you watched SBS Gayo Daejun yesterday? I don't watch it but I just checked update at my twitter. How you think about it? Do you like Sandara being MC? I think she was so perfect and talented.With her beautiful and charm, it makes her more adorable.

first half

second half

And when talk about my OTP I'm bit sad because there are nothing interaction between them in the event. Blame myself because I hope too much! But I don't care too much  because my heart was healed when I saw her being MC and saw many boys looking to her. Even Heecul keep eyeing Dara >.<

After SBS Gayo Daejun ended, GD posted a picture in his instagram. He with Xin at backstage and tweet "" in his twitter. I don't know why suddenly he tweet that. I found it weird. Maybe he complaint about cameraman. Even Hyori tweet about camera too. I never though artist can complaint and unsatisfied about camera. Hahaha they are people too!

Sandara don't update any news on her twitter or instagram yet. Good! because I don't want her update it forever. LOL!

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