Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I got another mom !

In the name of ALLAH

 Last week I met my new mom. My another step-mother. Ah~~I just can't accept her. It's happened last week when my family went to Terengganu for wedding of my beloved brother. I know that she would come too and at first I didn't mind. Just then in Terengganu, I met her for the first time.

 "Fatin, tadi abah call kakak. Abah ajak Atin naik dengan abah."

"Abah datang rumah sini?"

"Kalau abah datang sini, Fatin nak naik dengan abah?"
I'm hesitate.I know she will there and I don't want to but I said,


And so there. When I'm riding with abah, I met her! At the back seat, my tears drop silently and quickly I  wiping it. I recall the memories when for the first time I met my previous step-mother. She's died in accident. I don't feel anything but happy because I got a new mother. I really missssing her so much. In the car, I though "she is the best step-mother in the world"

 During the way, I'm holding back my tears. Just how many mother I would have?

She invited me going to Klang for holidays. I want to go and stay with abah again. But you know, I can't bear with her even an hour, how come I can stay Klang for days? So, I refused. 

It's getting my nerve when seeing my siblings getting along well with her. Well I'm always left alone. Ahhh I'm so upsettt.

I'm actually someone who know to take care of my attitude with strangers but with her I'm somehow throwing tantrums. Sorry. 

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